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Abrasive Waterjet Nozzle. Inside the nozzle the pressurized water passes through a small-diameter orifice and forms a coherent jet of water. The jet then passes through a venturi section where a

metered amount of granular abrasive is drawn into the water stream. Availability. Typical water jet cutting machines have a working envelope as small as a few square feet, or up to hundreds of square feet. Ultra-high-pressure water pumps are available from as low as 40,000 psi (280 MPa) up to 100,000 psi (690 MPa). A waterjet cutting machine cutting metal parts. A waterjet cutter is a tool capable of slicing into metal or other materials using a jet of water at high velocity and pressure, or a mixture of water and an abrasive substance. The process is essentially the same as water erosion found in nature but accelerated and concentrated by orders of magnitude. Water jet systems can use a variety of connections, depending on the

accessories, what they ’re being used for, and the country in which you ’re working. Our handy guide to Typical Water Jet System Connections, Type M swivel nut, Medium Pressure, High-Pressure, or NPT covers the basics. 3.7 Line Diagram for installation 15 3.8 Inlet line connection 17 7.7 Water leakage from pump head 78 7.8 High temperature in crankcase 78 7.9 Water

in oil mix 79 Never point high pressure discharge jet at a person, any part of the body or animals. Do not enter hands during jet. A diagram of a water jet cutter. #1: high-pressure water inlet. #2: jewel (ruby or diamond). #3: abrasive (garnet). #4: mixing tube. #5: guard. #6: cutting water jet. #7: cut material.

Waterjet cutting is often used during fabrication of machine parts. High Pressure Water Jetting Systems. Water jet productivity starts here. NLB Corporation has been leading the way in water jet productivity since 1971. You won’t find a wider range of high-pressure and UHP water jet pump units and water blasting accessories anywhere or higher standards of … For High-Pressure Water Jets. Whatever you want to remove with high-pressure water jets, you’ll probably find an accessory for it here. NLB has manual, automated and semi-automated tools to handle everything from blocked tube bundles to highway markings. High pressure pumps and parts is your source for the best selection for pumps Whatever your application we carry pumps that move

semi-solids, high pressure cleaning, transfer grey water, spot free water, oil transfer and chemical transfer. Intensifier Service Procedures 1. SERVICE PROCEDURES 2 2. INTENSIFIER SERVICE 2 the high pressure water piping and

low pressure quick disconnect can be re-attached. 6. Install the high pressure water piping. Tighten high pressure connections using a 13/16” wrench. Start the H2O Jet Waterjet Pump. Operate at low pressure [without a

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